The Five Great Mages


In an empire rising from the remnants of a cataclysmic undead invasion, Ari, a girl from the Bandawi tribe known for their innate resistance to magic, harbours a dream: to wield the Power. As she turns fourteen, the mandatory examination gives her the opportunity to pursue this dream, but it leads to far more than she anticipated.

By either the grace of her unique gift or the hidden schemes of the Empire's spymaster, Ari finds herself at the Great Academy of Tramiria. Here, she is compelled to form an uneasy alliance with four other youths, each carrying the burden of a violent history. Together, they must build a bond that will last a lifetime, navigating the intricate dynamics of academy life while wrestling with their own inner demons.

Meanwhile, minor occurrences start to intertwine, setting off a chain of events that could engulf their world in chaos. Within this realm of magic, deities, multiverse travellers, and long-buried secrets, ethereal black cats serve as silent overseers, ensuring that an impending calamity unfolds as destined. Unknowingly at the center of this brewing storm, Ari and her companions are thrust into a journey that will reveal wild truths and confront them with mysterious forces competing for power in a world teetering on the brink of destruction.

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